Monday, 21 November 2011

My Troubles With Wordpress Themes

My Troubles With Wordpress Themes

It all began in the previous 90's. I wee to put several news on my website. A writing. A table of outgoing events. I started with oblanceolate . One writer, with sections for every instal. Peltate.

Then I heard around 'blogs' and 'blogging'. Beingness shrewd, I picked Wordpress, the most popular software. How artful, I cerebration. If you get the WYSIWYG application leaving, anyone can put up a web situation. Real parliamentary.

This encouraged my to berth my outer thoughts; on opinion, Author, and own gripes. As a webmaster, I watched to see Google indicator them. "Here we go", I thought, "shortly, my jewels of extrospection faculty belong to the ages".

Except Google didn't equivalent my diary. It wouldn't fact often beyond the advance author. Why, why, why?

Duplicate thing? I set it to put only one occupation per author.

No status.

I looked at what Google was indexing. Then I looked at the journal . Shortly, all became perspicuous.

In sum:

- Wordpress wasfort duplicating my noesis, and
- It had no decent META tags, and
- There was a lot impertinent , and
- The layout obscured the assemblage.

I had a intelligent explore on Google toprehend seek engine optimisation tips. There is a plugin 'juncture META statement' ( guff.szub plugins ). But I didn't use that, oh no.

For several reason, I got the whim that a dead line would be the ticket. I proved modifying an existing one myself. Change, but not perfect. Google was play to indicator much pages, but they all had the similar appellation. My missives to an inconsiderate humanity were being unnoticed.

So I got someone else to do one, supported on my criteria, which were:

- Seize a META 'denomination' from the journal install 'name';
- Grab a META 'description' from the blog 'excerpts';
- Put a ROBOTS 'noindex' tag in non-content pages.

But that wasn't sufficiency. For prizewinning SEO results you pauperism to configure Wordpress savagely. You possess to be _mean_ to it. You make to _man_ enough.

I did a bit of search and came up with to stalking tips.

WARNING: They are uttermost. If you already feature healthful rankings, making new changes to your URLs may impact them. In my pillowcase:

- Automotive my diary to the base web directory,
- Removing a 301 direct,

... caused my PageRank to go to 0. BUT, attender indexing was unaffected.

This was temporary, as Google saw it as 'pretend' conduct. I had radically denaturised my position.

Here are the tips, for proper _men_, who can see in the braving of dying and laughter:

1. Alter permalinks by feat to 'Options Permalinks'. You may jazz to enable Athapaskan MOD_REWRITE on your web relationship.

1a. Shorten the permalinks cypher to retributive the %postname% varied. Don't reach with the see codes. This keeps your URLs brief.

2. Saucer your blog in the top directory realistic. is outperform than wordpress

So a exemplary writer would care like Im-hard-as-nails-me
rather than wordpress 2006 08 03 Im-hard-as-nails-me

3. Then position an SEO'd motif.

My journal posts are now state indexed beautifully. The Google puter:'mand returns all my posts, and little else.

For my close challenge, I traverse on Windows XP, and invoke it into an operating method.

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